7 Seater Maxicab

With a car larger than a sedan or normal MPV, a 7 Seater Maxicab is suitable for family of 7 with or without luggage.  Big boot space and comfortable leg area to make your ride a smooth one.


9 Seater Maxicab

Sometimes you have a small family with lots of luggage that cannot fit into a 7 Seater.  This is the best choice for you and your family.  Can fit up to 9 pax with or without luggage making our 9 Seater Maxicab your fav choice.


13 Seater Minibus

Our 13 Seater Minibus is the most frequently booked vehicle.  To the airport, city tour, wedding, staff transportation etc, client loves our minibus.


Maxicab & Minibus

Many have misconception that Maxicab and Minibus can only be booked thru taxi company.

There are mani private company out there for Maxicab and Minibus, and we at Maxicab Lioncity are one of the company with a large fleet of vehicles.

Our response time of 10 minutes islandwide, makes us the No.1 choice to book for a vehicle.

More about our services

I think we have spoken enough about our product, so we are not gonna type another long story here. 🙂

Just call us to make an enquiry or booking now.